What We Do


We use the 10 empowering actions and prioritize based on the dimensions of diversity of the participating employees. These developmental sessions will help increase the metrics of intersectional and diverse employees in your organization.

Founder Ashley T Brundage, speaks about her transition, workplace equality, leadership, and the LGBTQ+ community. She is available for keynotes, panel discussions, hosting an event, special event sessions, conferences, and more.

Our sessions are meticulously planned by our team and are designed in a manner geared toward optimizing the amount of information. We continuously update delivery and content based on feedback from previous sessions, as well as current cultural relevance and language.

Engagement With The 4 Empowerment Steps


Know Yourself

Assessments to begin empowerment work.

Know Others

Learning about the 10 differences through education and training.

Develop Strategy

Consulting and Strategy to shape an empowerment mission.

Empowering Action

Combining authority and power to people through actions.


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