Our professional development sessions are meticulously planned by our team and are designed in a manner geared toward optimizing growth. We use the 10 empowering actions and prioritize based on the dimensions of diversity of the participating employees through our proprietary empowerment assessment platform. These developmental sessions can help increase the metrics of intersectional and diverse employees in your organization by working to leverage their development. Each of our team members is well versed in these developmental topics and will deliver content that is educational, engaging, informative, while maximizing the allotted time available. We continuously update delivery and content based on feedback from previous sessions, as well as current cultural relevance and language. 

Professional Development:

  • Empowering Actions: Leadership Development Course designed for your different employee groups in your organization.
  • Empowering Actions for Managers: Course for manager-level and above, working with them to build up and empower their different employees groups.


Listing of the 10 Empowering Actions



Our team will work with your organization to establish your needs and create a proposal to best optimize your goals. Professional Development courses and travel costs vary based on location, topic selections, and number of participating employees.