Our sessions are meticulously planned by our team and are designed in a manner geared toward optimizing the amount of information.  Trainings can be combined for a company event, conference, or employee training day.  Each of our trainers are well versed on all topics and will deliver a session that is educational, engaging, informative, while maximizing the allotted time available. We continuously update delivery and content based on feedback from previous sessions, as well as current cultural relevance and language. Some trainings are eligible to be submitted for Continuing Education Units.


  • LGBTQ+ Education: Terminology, creating safe spaces, and supporting the community.
  • Navigating Disability Inclusion: Course designed on education for accessibility and resources relating to The Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Building Engagement Through Cultural Awareness: Defines how differences make a difference, includes ways to build communicative in-roads between cultures.
  • Empowering Communication: Explores and explains communication style differences and best practices for effective assertive communication.
  • Allyship: Discusses the practice of emphasizing social justice, inclusion, and human rights and ways to advance marginalized communities. 
  • Unconscious Bias: Understanding the foundational concept of prejudices and working to mitigate biases. 
  • Inclusive Language: Educates on language to create a more inclusive culture. Covers key phrases in demographic, socioeconomic, ability, and gender inclusive language. 

Our team will work with your organization to establish any additional needs and create a proposal to best optimize your goals. Training and travel costs vary based on location, customization,  topic selections, and delivery method.