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The concept of Empowering Differences brings together what makes you unique with how to use that to grow in your life and empower others along the way.

To achieve self-empowerment, you have to really understand what makes you different, unique, what only you offer the world. You then use that to empower other people to be their best self, encourage them to understand their differences, share their story with the world.

This is accomplished in 2 parts:

  • Self Assessment: You will spend time going through the questions and answering them, then reflecting on what you have learned.
  • Empowering Actions: Once you have completed the self-assessment and really taken a look at your answers, you will put them into action. Using the second part of this workbook- The 10 Empowering Actions, you will learn how to bring it all together.

The online course is broken into 10 modules following this introduction. Each module covers one of the 10 Empowering Actions, leads you through more information on the action and provides takeaways for each lesson.