Mikayla Chu – Digital Inclusion Strategist

Mikayla found her own unique path to Empowering her Differences. While in her senior year of high school, she was enrolled in an AP Psychology course. This course allowed her to learn more about the connections between the human brain and behavior, which sparked a new interest in obtaining a life-long career relative to such topics. From this point, she went on to further her education by attending the University of Central Florida. In the midst of the years as a college student, she decided to take on a minor in Diversity and Social Inequality. Through this focus she was able to learn about the significance and contribution of diverse individuals, the inequalities that exist structurally and societally, and how the combination of the two has impacted our world. As a result of her combined interest in Psychology and DEI, she is currently focused on growing her career and leverage this knowledge & passion to fuel empowering actions for the betterment of all different communities. Through her work with Empowering Differences, she is laying the foundation to connect individuals digitally to tools that drive impact and showcase the relationship between human behavior and inclusion.

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