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The concept of Empowering Differences brings together what makes you unique with how to use that to grow in your life and empower others along the way. To achieve self-empowerment, you have to really understand what makes you different, unique, what only you offer the world. You then use that to empower other people to be their best self, encourage them to understand their differences, share their story with the world.

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Empowering Differences is the intentional action of using power and authority for yourself or others while positioning ways in which you are not the same as the people around you. It brings together what makes you unique with how to apply it and grow in your profession while empowering others along the way.

What is included?

  • 10 modules, an Introduction, and course materials
  • Empowering Differences Book and immediate access to the eBook
  • Fillable PDF workbook with Self- Assessment
  • Up to 40 hours of Professional Development Credit

The Online Course consists of 12 modules: an intro that takes you through how the course is set up, how to use the workbook, what you need to succeed; a section with course materials; one module per Empowering Action. Each module outlines content and information about the word, action steps, take-aways, and workbook questions.

The eBook: The 10 Empowering Actions are further covered in the book Empowering Differences, along with author Ashley T Brundage’s story of advancing her career from a part time bank teller to a vice president of the national diversity and inclusion team at a major financial services corporation in less than 5 years. Everyone’s journey will look different, but these methods can produce similar results and the takeaways of the book can be applied to anyone.

The e-version of the workbook takes you in depth through the 10 Empowering Actions outlined in the book Empowering Differences and align with the course modules. Use the e-course modules with the workbook, which is completed in 2 sections:

  • Self Assessment: You will spend time going through the questions and answering them, then reflecting on what you have learned
  • Empowering Actions: Once you have completed the self-assessment and really taken a look at your answers, you will put them into action. Using the second part of this workbook – The 10 Empowering Actions, you will learn how to bring it all together.

This course is beneficial to anyone looking for career growth, leadership development, personal growth, information on intersectionality and privilege, empowerment, goal setting, understanding social justice in a professional setting, strategy development, and more.

Looking for Professional Development Credit? The course document module includes an info sheet to submit for 16 or 40 hours of credit.

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