The Voyage of Empowerment is happening soon!

Happy August!


In almost a month, the 2nd annual Voyage of Empowerment conference will be setting sail! We are so excited to be hosting this conference again and hope to see you there!


The Voyage of Empowerment conference is a one-of-a-kind experience –– learning from experts/leaders in various industries, networking with others, and growing in one’s empowerment journey, all while on a trip to Bermuda! Conferences like these are so invaluable, as it is important that we all take the time to further our education, invest in our personal and professional journeys, and connect with others to obtain access to the resources we need to move forward. The actions we take for personal growth will only increase our progression in our journeys toward creating empowerment for ourselves and others. 


Keep reading to find out more for what’s to come for Empowering Differences:




Are you interested in attending the Voyage of Empowerment but are unable to make it in person? Virtual tickets are now available for purchase, which allow individuals to receive access to all of the sessions of the conference (both live and recorded), personal empowerment kit, and much more! For more information, visit our website to book your ticket.




The rooms on the Voyage of Empowerment are now officially SOLD OUT! We are so excited to see all of you next month to commence the 2nd annual VOE. If you are interested in attending but were unable to book a ticket in time, you can sign up to join the waitlist in the event that a spot opens up.


We are also hosting our annual Voyage of Empowerment sweepstakes for the final ticket on the Voyage of Empowerment! To increase your chances of attending the Voyage of Empowerment, enter the sweepstakes now to win a free spot and engage on social media for extra entries.




GoodGames and Empowering Differences are excited to announce a collaboration workshop: PowerUP Mental Health in the Workplace with Gamification. This event will be taking place on Tuesday, August 22nd at 12pm EST via zoom.


This SHRM-certified 60 minute workshop utilizes interactive games to combine an anonymous mental health check-in and challenges exercises with education that will improve mental health in the workplace and at home. Participants will learn about the workplace’s most crucial topic: mental health. Everyone will then get the opportunity to anonymously share things that are actively affecting their mental health and learn how to better support people when they do share. It’s a unique, interactive, and incredibly impactful session you won’t want to miss. Register for this event today!




Ashley recently had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker for Regions Bank’s recent DEI Symposium, “I Am – We Are”. If you are in need of a keynote speaker for your next event, book a call with Ashley to discuss your event and how she may enhance your event by measuring how empowered people are! 




Empower: Providing power and authority to yourself and others.


Ashley recently had the chance to visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. This institute offers great opportunities to learn more about the civil rights developments that were cultivated in Birmingham in order to find ways to build further empowerment today. Consider supporting institutes like this to help people learn about civil rights.

To learn more about Empower & the other 10 Empowering Actions, register for the Empowering Differences Online Course.