New Month, New Empowerment Strategy

July has officially started!


With the beginning of a new month means new opportunities, room for growth, and of course, potential for more empowerment


At the start of each month, it is important to:


  • Track the impacts of the empowerment work done in the previous month. 
  • Assess your wins and losses.
  • Change your strategy to keep the empowering actions that worked in your favor & improve those that didn’t.


Let us know on social media @empoweringdiff how you are approaching empowerment this month!


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Are you an influencer or budget-holding executive? We invite you to join us as an empowerment delegate for the upcoming Voyage of Empowerment, setting sail in just 3 months!


This is a great opportunity to empower others through your attendance, attend all of the conference sessions, and network with like-minded leaders in your industry. There are only 3 spots left, so apply now before it’s too late!




Have you listened to Episode 5 of the SPIN Podcast yet? In this episode, Ashley welcomes special guest Rex Wilde as they both discuss the importance of non-binary and TGX inclusion at meetings and events. 


You may access it now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.




Ashley was recently a part of the True Colors Fashion Show, a fundraising event for the Three Rivers Business Alliance, a foundation dedicated to supporting small LGBTQ+ owned businesses in the Pittsburgh/Greater Allegheny region! Huge shout out to all of the other volunteers and individuals involved with the making of this event. 


Empowerment lives everywhere, even in fashion!




Mentor: A shared journey of exploration and development.


The 7th Empowering Action, Mentor, is centered around the shared journey between 2 individuals, who both work to uplift one another by providing their given knowledge and resources. One way for individuals to advance in their mentoring relationships is through the idea pictured, tracking measurable impacts from said mentoring.

To learn more about Mentor & the other 10 Empowering Actions, register for the Empowering Differences Online Course.