Pride Month Check-In



We hope that you have been having an incredible June, while working to provide power, authority, and PRIDE to others this month. 


What have you implemented into your Empowerment strategy this month? Any wins or losses? Let us know by posting about it on social media and tagging us @empoweringdiff. We’d love to hear from you!


There have been exciting things happening this month for Empowering Differences & much more to come, keep reading to find out:



In collaboration with the Three Rivers Business Alliance, Empowering Differences has begun a cohort program for people who qualified in the greater Allegheny Region! 


This 12 week program is the perfect way to have your teams go beyond just one empowering event. Our team also provides measured results on how your group changes their perspectives on the empowering differences. Contact our team today for pricing information to plan a cohort for your organization.



On Monday, June 26th, Ashley will be hosting another stop on the Empowering Differences book tour –– in Montreal! If you are in the area, be sure to join us at this event for an amazing networking opportunity.



Here’s what one of our 2022 Voyage of Empowerment attendees had to say after the conference:

“The #VoyageofEmpowerment helped me find clarity and develop a plan for my next career steps. I am beyond honored to have been an attendee at this powerful event.”

If you are interested in attending, be sure to register before it’s too late, as there are limited spots remaining.

If you are in need of financial empowerment to attend this conference, you can also submit an application for our Voyage of Empowerment scholarship or enter our Voyage of Empowerment Sweepstakes for a chance to win a free spot to attend!



Invest: Showcasing how you deploy resource allocation to drive more empowerment.


Invest, the 6th empowering action, focuses on the showcasing of resource allocation, with the resources being the 3 T’s: Time, Treasure, and Talent. One great way to Invest to create empowerment is by implementing the action pictured, taking the Empowering Differences Self-Assessment.


For more information on Invest & the 9 other Empowering Actions, register for the Empowering Differences online course today.