Celebrating Partnerships & Sweepstakes Announcements

Happy Pride Month!


Pride is defined as, “The quality or state of being proud, such as…confidence and satisfaction in oneself.” The first step in the process of empowerment is knowing yourself. By knowing yourself, you are able to understand everything that makes up who you are, and be confident and satisfied with that — the main concept of pride. 


Having pride, during this month and year-round, will allow you to identify what makes you unique from others and use that to move forward in your empowerment journey, aka leveraging your differences to make change


June is a month filled with the celebration of differences, and below are some of the events happening this month doing just that:


Empowering Differences is excited to announce a new business partnership with Circa, an organization focused on providing solutions to drive empowerment for people across all industries and organizations.


Visit the Circa website to learn more about their organization & what they offer!



In honor of Pride Month, we are hosting the Voyage of Empowerment Sweepstakes, “Set Sail With Pride”! This is a chance for YOU to enter for a chance to win a free spot on the upcoming Voyage of Empowerment, a grand prize valued at $2500.


For more information on how to enter, you can view the posts regarding the sweepstakes across our various social media platforms. Like/comment/share any of the social posts to receive additional entries for each action you take! Be sure to submit proof of this in your application.


Submit your entry today for a chance to win!



Empowering Differences is now a semifinalist in Disability:IN’s Pitch Perfect Challenge, competing among 5 other Disability Owned businesses. Visit Disability:IN’s LinkedIn post for this challenge to vote for Empowering Differences to move to the final round!


To vote, click the “Like” button and comment, “I’m IN for Empowering Differences”! You can do this as many times as you’d like from now until Wednesday, June 7th. Share this with others you know & encourage them to vote as well!



Educate: Emphasizes why education and research will help you in your empowerment journey. 


Educate, the 3rd empowering action, is built around the concept of sharing information & empowering data to move forward in one’s journey. One great way to implement this action is by enrolling your organization in the LGBTQ+ Education training offered by Empowering Differences, as pictured above. 


For more information on Educate & the 9 other Empowering Actions, register for the Empowering Differences online course today.