Inspire Change Through Communication


If you are interested in the opportunity to speak at the Voyage of Empowerment, our leadership conference cruise taking place on September 16 -21, 2023, you can apply to be a featured speaker today! This is a great opportunity that will allow you to present your empowering work to others as well as network with leaders in the industry, all while setting sail to Bermuda.

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SPIN Podcast with Ashley & Dave Jefferys!

Ashley is now one of the new host of LGBT MPA’s SPIN Podcast, where her & Dave Jefferys will be putting a spin on LGBTQ+ issues & implementing empowerment for all!

You can access this podcast on, and various other podcast streaming platforms today!

Authority Magazine Feature

Ashley recently spoke with Rachel Kline from Authority Magazine to discuss how to recruit, engage, and retain talent for your organization, based on her own personal experience. 

To learn more, you can read this article on Authority Magazine today. 

Ashley’s Action – Inspire

Inspire: Understanding how to cultivate and communicate inspirational information.

The 2nd Empowering Action, Inspire, is highly connected to the communication of information. One way to inspire is through the idea pictured.

You can learn more about Inspire & the other 9 Empowering Actions by registering for the Empowering Differences Online Course today.