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Assessing Empowerment of Your Differences

Do you know how empowered you are on each of your 10 differences? Please take the new Empowering Differences Survey today! Your results will be included in our upcoming overall research report on how empowered our contacts are.

If you are wanting your own personalized empowerment report from the survey please contact our team.

Zip Code of Empowerment Event

On March 27th at 12:30 PM CT, Ashley will be hosting the “Zip Code of Empowerment” with CJ Gross at the Forum’s 35th annual “Combining Forces” Conference! This is a 90-minute workshop focused on addressing class differences.

Contact our team today if you are interested in learning more about addressing class differences in your workplace today. 

Voices of Inclusion Episode

Ashley’s episode on the “Voices of Inclusion” podcast has now been released! In this episode, she discusses, “The Secrets to Empowering Actions that Build Trust & Empathy”.

You can watch the video episode or listen to the episode on any major podcast streaming platform today.

Ashley’s Action – Empower

Empower: Providing authority and power to yourself & others.

The 1st Empowering Action, Empower, emphasizes power and authority and how they are distributed to people. One way to cultivate empowerment is through the idea pictured, which is especially significant with Women’s History Month upcoming. You can learn more about Empower & the other 9 Empowering Actions by registering for the Empowering Differences Online Course today.