Leveraging Differences to Make a Difference

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HR Spotlight Article

Ashley was recently featured in HR Spotlight’s article, “20 Leaders Tell You Why Organizations Cannot Ignore the DEI Shift”. You can read this article to learn more about empowerment’s connection to DEI in the workplace.

QNotes Article

QNotes recently released an article about Ashley, where she discusses how she learned how to leverage her differences to impact change, both in the workplace and overall. Learn more about this topic by reading this article today!

Ashley’s Action – Access

Access: The way in which we connect with others for future growth.

The 9th Empowering Action, Access, is focused on allowing all individuals to have a “seat at the table”. One way to cultivate access is through the idea pictured. You can learn more about Access & the other 9 Empowering Actions by registering for the Empowering Differences Online Course today.