Empowerment Conference Info and More!


We are in need of delegates for the 2023 Voyage of Empowerment. Delegates can qualify to attend the conference based on your career job title and function. We are actively seeking HR and DEI leaders to fill these important spots. If you are interested, you can submit an application to do so by clicking here!


Ashley recently had the opportunity to speak at the PCMA Convening Leaders‘ event, presenting a portion of her empowerment research, and discussing how gender is impacted through the meetings and events industry. Ashley also held a book tour stop while in Ohio and partnered with the LGBT MPA!


Along with delegates, we are also in need of featured speakers for the 2023 Voyage of Empowerment! If you are interested in speaking at this event, submit an application here.

If you are interested in attending the 2023 Voyage of Empowerment, you can book your reservation now by visiting this link. If you are in need of financial empowerment, you can also submit a scholarship application to attend the VOE here, which will cover ALL costs for the cruise, EXCEPT transportation costs to & from Port Liberty.


Educate: Emphasize why education and research will help in your empowerment journey.

The 3rd Empowering Action, Educate, focuses on education & research and how it assist in one’s career journey. One way to practice Educate is through the idea pictured. Learn more about Educate & the other Empowering Actions by registering for the online class here

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